This Web site offers a library of resources to assist in managing a Web site using XML. It was designed and developed as a product of the Web Site Management Using XML Testbed, conducted by the Center for Technology in Government in 2005 - 2006. The library of resources is intended to grow over time and benefit from the contributions of its visitors and users. This is Release 2 of the Web site, containing additional code samples for ASP (VB Script), ASP.NET (C#), PHP, JSP, Java Filter, ColdFusion, and Dreamweaver -- which cover virtually every Web server environment. Future releases will provide samples on integrating relational database access with XML/XSL and other advanced topics.

Getting Started

Simple approaches to creating Web pages using XML, with just a simple editor and current browser.


Practical approaches to getting XML up and running in a variety of environments, including ASP, PHP, JSP, Java Filter, ColdFusion, and Dreamweaver.

Code Samples

Different XML and XSL files for structuring content and transforming to different output formats such as XHTML and PDF.


Useful tools for XML development.


Helpful hints for specific XML tasks.

Guides and Reports

Publications related to Web site management using XML.

Inside this Site

A view inside this Web site that shows how the XML, XSL and ASP work together to produce these Web pages.


Let us know what you think of this Web site and contribute your resources, code samples, or tips.